Nicaragua: collective bargaining success cuts number of precarious workers to half, increases salaries

On May 3, the Trade Union of Workers of the National Soft Drink Industry (SUT-INARSA), member of the executive commitee of the Latin American Coca-Cola Workers Federation FELATRAC, managed to successfully finalise the wage revision negotiations with Coca-Cola FEMSA, reaching an average wage increase of 7.42 percent. Lower paid categories of salaries were increased by up to 14%.
Furthermore, the number of precarious workers was cut by half. Still, there are 220 precarious workers in sales, cleaning, and security, and the union will continue to take this issue up with management. 

Daniel Reyes, Secretary General of SUT-INARSA, said the negotiations had been conducted in a positive way . They were finalised within 3 weeks after the first proposals had been made.

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