Uruguay: Coca-Cola union supports outsourced janitors

Cleaning workers at Coca-Cola in Uruguay were strongly supported and represented by the Union of Coca-Cola Workers (STCC). These workers have been outsourced by the multinational and currently are not members of the union. As a result a favourable agreement was signed.

Coca-Cola had changed the cleaning service provider in May 2011, replacing Adonis SRL with ISS SRL.

After 45 days of discussion between Coca Cola and the STCC, the following results were achieved:

ISS will absorb 27 former Adonis workers. In case they should not meet the requirements of the new employer they will receive the legal severance payat the end of a probationary period of 100 days', paid for by Coca-Cola, according to their length of service.

STCC president Gustavo Sotelo expressed his satisfaction, said the guarantee of severance pay was a great relief for workers.

Diego Nunez, a member of STCC, said, "it is particularly noteworthy that ISS will maintain rights the workers acquired at ADONIS.

He continued to say "This new agreement makes clear that COCA COLA is well aware of the unconditional support that the Union will always provide to outsourced workers, although they are not affiliated with our organization."

(Read the full interview in Spanish on the REl-UITA website)

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