Guatemala: Outsourcing rolled back in Embotelladora Central

A campaign by IUF affiliate STECSA fights to reduce outsourcing in FEMSA-owned Coca-Cola bottler Embotelladora Central to a minimum. 

In recent negotiations, STECSA succeded to achieve regularisation of 35 workers of the warehouse department where, together with the production and maintenance workshops, there is the biggest number of outsourced jobs.  

Excluding the security service which counts 138 workers, there are 80 outsourced workplaces in Embotelladora Central. 

It should be noted that there are 1.270 employees, including workers and administrative staff in Embotelladora  Central, of which 968 are union members - to which very soon 35 new members will be added.
The STECSA campaign and its achievements add to the situation in Montevideo Refrescos in Uruguay, where recently 199 workplaces could be regularised.

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