Peru: Coca-Cola unions threaten strike if negotiation deadlock continues

SINATREL and SITRACORLINSA, two unions representing Coca-Cola workers in Peru, have declared frustration over their attempts to come to a quick solution of their bargaining demands and are preparing to take industrial action faced with the intransigience of the company.

In 1999 Coca-Cola had bought 49% of shares of Inca Cola from Lindley, which allowed the merger of the two companies in Peru and, consequently, the assimilation of its workers.

In an interview by Sirel with Raúl Rengifo, General Secretary of SINATREL - organising 651 workers from Lima, Trujillo, Cusco and Arequipa-, and with Daniel Ortiz, defense secretary of  SITRACORLINSA, representing 300 trabajadores from Lima and Sullana, the two explained the background of the dispute.

Both union coordinate their parallel negotiations with the company. The company offers a very low pay increase of just 0,74 Dollars a day, while in previous years the increase was above 2 Dollars. Management quotes new investment as the reason for the necessity to keep salary rises low, despite very good sales figures and a market share of 74%. Unions are now considering industrial action, including unlimited strike action in all the company, should management not move on its offer. 

Read the full interview on the Rel-UITA website (in Spanish).

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