New SICO-Urabá Collective Bargaining Agreement

New agreement enhances economic and social gains

The 2008 ILO Mission that assessed the situation of trade unions and labor rights in Colombia found a very professional atmosphere and an openness to dialogue in the labor relations between the National Union of Beverage Industry Workers of Colombia (SICO) and the company Bebidas y Alimentos de Urabá (BADUR). Now, the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement reaffirms the ILO’s positive evaluation and proves that it is possible to pave the way to decent work.

On Friday, March 2, SICO and Bebidas y Alimentos de Urabá Coca-Cola signed a new collective bargaining agreement, to replace the previous one, which had been in force for two years.

Negotiations came to a successful conclusion at the end of the first stage of direct dealings, which means that it was a very technical and professional process that did not require the full term established by law and much less the pre-strike and strike mechanisms.

The agreement signed ratifies the clauses on trade union rights and administrative processes and significantly improves the economic clauses included in the previous collective bargaining agreement.

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