Philippines: Management dictates use of trade union leave, denies leave for ACCUP-IUF training

At the Coca-Cola Bacolod plant management escalated its attack on trade union rights by laying down new restrictions on how paid trade union leave is used. 
In a meeting on July 5 management condemned union representatives for using paid union leave for a press conference and protest action on June 15 as part of the national Open Misery campaign. The union leave taken by union officers will now be treated as unpaid leave. 
In future any trade union leave that might be used for campaign activities will be denied. Paid union leave, which is negotiated in the collective agreement, can no longer be used for union activities without detailed information on activities submitted beforehand. Only if management approves the specific activity and its purpose can union leave be used. 
In addition union leave cannot be used for any seminars or training organized by the IUF-affiliated ACCUP. This also means the right to use union leave for IUF meetings is denied! Instead union leave will be granted for trade union training seminars where speakers/trainers are provided by the company! 
In a message to IUF the union declared: "Our rights are being deprived and abused by the management, prohibiting such union leave is a clear violation and an Unfair Labour Practice.  We take this issue seriously and we will resist this harassment by management. Organize! Fight! Win!"