Philippines: P3 claims another victim

When a Quality Assurance Specialist at Coca-Cola Philippines was told she had failed under the P3 performance evaluation system she fought to defend herself against a biased and unfair system. Instead of addressing her concerns about her manager's clear bias against her she was given a dismissal notice, becoming yet another victim of the ruthless P3 appraisal scheme that unions have been fighting against for more than two years. 
We cannot reveal her name because even after being fired from Coca-Cola workers lives in fear. The campaign to enforce P3 is backed by the Coca-Cola Philippines' head of security, an ex-US special forces officer who specializes in the "demolition" of opposing groups and using fear, intimidation and blackmail to suppress dissent. In this context few have dared to speak out. 
In the inquiry before termination she explained that she thought the performance evaluation was meant to provide support and encouragement but she’d received neither. She also explained that the manager who conducted her evaluation was biased against her. Ignoring this management issued a notice that will soon become all too common in Coca-Cola Philippines: " are hereby meted the penalty of DISMISSAL from employment, effective upon receipt of this decision."
Alongside terminations like this, more and more union members have reported that their wage increase for last year was zero. Nothing. Which in the context of rampant food price and fuel inflation means a significant loss of pay.
What is even more disturbing is that Coca-Cola is already facing criticism for its failure to ensure gender equality in employment. So few women are employed in Coca-Cola it has become a major issue for unions globally. Yet it now appears that P3 can be used to legitimize the subjective bias of individual (male) managers to dismiss even those few women.