Satisfactory agreement of Brazilian Coca-Cola workers with Coca Cola FEMSA

After difficult negotiations, the factory workers of Cosmopolis reached a new agreement for the period of 2013-2014.

In dialogue with the IUF Latin America office, Artur Well Junior, president of the Union of Workers in the Food Industry Limeira (STILAL) representing employees of the Coca-Cola FEMSA, reported that the negotiations began in April and reached to an agreement at the end of July.

"It was a cumbersome negotiation, but finally, and after nearly four months of discussions, it was a satisfactory agreement for workers at the Coca Cola unit - FEMSA in Cosmopolis" said the leader.

As explained by Artur Junior, during the negotiation process, both parties had to compromise on its original proposals.

"Both the company and the workers had to give up a little to reach a consensual agreement which in general terms can be evaluated as a good one, The agreement was approved by 70 percent of the workers," he said, then added, "company representatives remained reluctant to provide a real wage increase, insisting on providing only the percentage of inflation for the period, which delayed the process more than expected ".

The new agreement, which will run for the remainder of 2013-2014, provides for a wage increase of 8 percent, a basket of 150 reais ($ 67) and a Profit Sharing and Results (PLR) of 750 reais ( $ 335) or 60 percent of salary (whichever is more beneficial to the worker).

Finally, Junior thanked the support they received from the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola(FELATRAC) and IUF Latin America office.

Interview with Artur Well Junior

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