Philippines: Iligan sales union signs a CBA without P3-performance based program

Ilagan Coca-Cola Plant Sales Offices Sales Force Union (ICCPSOSFU) has been fighting against the Coca-Cola company policy that insists a performance based program as basis of the salary scheme for almost 3 years. P3 (Presence, Performance, Participation) system not only removes wage bargaining rights of unions and workers but also threatens job security and increases discrimination. The IUF raised issues around P3 with Coca-Cola Atlanta management and ensured that P3 is negotiable and not mandatory.

After thirty three months of negotiations on December 3, 2013, ICCPSOSFU has concluded the negotiations and signed a new collective agreement with CCBP FEMSA. The union secured an across the board wage increase as a basis of workers' salaries instead of P3.

ICCPSOSFU expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the IUF and its members who supported the union in achieving this victory.

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