We've forced Coca-Cola to back down, now it's PepsiCo's turn!

On June 13 Spain’s High Court ordered the Spanish Coca-Cola Bottler
CCIP to reverse its decision to fire 1,190 workers as a result of their
plans to close 4 plants.

Whilst no doubt CCIP will try to appeal the outcome this represents a
major victory for the IUF’s Spanish affiliates and on behalf of our
entire membership and all those who supported this campaign the IUF
congratulates those Spanish workers for their determined fight to save
these jobs.

We also want to thank the close to 9,000 supporters who sent messages
of protest to both CCIP and The Coca-Cola Company as part of our wider
campaign to support these workers facing a massacre of their jobs in
Spain. For more read here.

Our actions supported by all of you have a real impact and also give
workers engaged in those struggles great hope and support. If you have
not yet done so you can support another brave struggle this time by
Indian warehouse workers up against the global giant PepsiCo. Click here to see how you can help.