Brazil: No progress in negotiations with Coca Cola franchise in Bahia

After several unsuccessful negotiations with management of Coca Cola franchise in Bahia, workers in the manufacturing unit of Salvador plant began to mobilize due to the huge gap between what they claim and what the company offers.

Coca Cola franchise in Bahia employs about 3,000 workers and is owned by Solar Group that controls the soft drinks market in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil.

This group, according to the president of Bahia beverage sector workers union, Roberto Santana, took over the management of the company a little over a year and has been implementing a policy of wage meanness, moral harassment and union persecution.

"The company infiltrated staff union meetings in order to intimidate workers through threats and also brought an injunction whereby the Union cannot make any sound demonstration outside the factor"said Santana.

He added that last June, a request of mediation was issued by the Regional Secretary of Labor. After this instance the company presented a new proposal to be discussed on July 7.

So far the company sent a proposal far below what workers claim and there is an unfair wage differentiation among employees within the state of Bahia in relation to those working in the capital Salvador.

"The union is also fighting so that there is equal pay in this sense; it is not possible for the Coca Cola management to define workers as second class. This is a point that we will fight against " Santana finished.

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