Brazil: Coca-Cola Sorocaba workers sign a new agreement

The Coca-Cola bottler, Sorocaba Refreshments, is one of the 13 business groups that produces, bottles and sells Coca-Cola products in Brazil. The factory, located in the town of Sorocaba, São Paulo, employs about 400 workers and recently starred one of the biggest trade union abuses recorded in Brazil last year.

"The company dismissed about 250 drivers and assistants, the whole area of distribution, and outsourced it by completely ignoring negotiations with the union. Now the management refuses to negotiate the new collective bargaining agreement with the workers at the plant," told Airton Oliveira, President of the IUF-affiliated Food Industry Workers Union of Sorocaba, which represents the workers of the Coca-Cola bottling company in Sorocaba.

"The last collective bargaining negotiation with Sorocaba Refrescos was in May. Since then, the company did not present a decent wage proposal. The final offer was a wage increase based on inflation and the management refused to negotiate with the union. The Federation did not agree on anything with the employers at the state level and neither did the union in Sorocaba for working conditions and wages," said Oliveira in an interview made on June 29, 2015 with the IUF Latin America Region.

On July 27 2015, at a meeting held at the Sorocaba Refreshments factory, workers rejected the proposal of inflation adjustment offered by the company and expressed their anger and plan to strike over the company's refusal to negotiate with the union that represents them.

Following the strike decision, the union reached an agreement with the company on August 11.
In an interview with Airton Oliveira, he reported that the new proposal submitted by Sorocaba Refrescos SA (Coca Cola) was analyzed on August 10 and approved by workers the following day.

"We agreed with the company a total redesign of 9 percent retroactive to May for all the economic clauses of the agreement, such as basic food, ticket supply, school aid among others, and the agreement at the state level," said the leader.

Oliveira thanked the IUF Latin American Federation of Coca Cola Workers (FELATRAC) for its solidarity. "We did not negotiate on the participation in profits and results and that point will be another tough battle, especially because the corporate is using the recession as an excuse to offer as little as possible," he said.

"We have the support and advice of the FELATRAC and the IUF Latin America Regional Secretariat during this first phase of the negotiations and surely we will also stage next," concluded Oliveira.

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