After 2 years struggling a Coca-Cola bottler in Honduras is still unwilling to negotiate

After 2 years of negotiations for the signing of a new collective agreement between the IUF-affiliated Trade Union of Beverage and Related Workers (STIBYS) and Cerveceria Hondurena (previously owned by the transnational SABMiller which has since been acquired by the Belgian brewer ABInBev) marked by the company's dilatory and intransigent attitude, STIBYS decided to terminate the direct arrangement and request mediation.

The recent merger of the two biggest brewers in the world, ABInBev and SABMiller, has lead to reports of Coca-Cola operations to be seperated from ABinBev in more than 17 countries including Honduras because in Latin America AB InBev bottles drinks from its archrival Pepsi in key markets like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Panama and others. And in Central America its AMBEV subsidiary has a strong alliance with CBC that distributes Pepsi in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.