IUF German affiliate tells Coca-Cola "We will not be blackmailed!"

In ongoing negotiations for a new collective agreement the company has offered minimal wage increases to the German food workers union (NGG) but only on condition that the union accepts a significant increase in "flexibility" with all the negative consequences for additional workloads and future employment that may lead to. The union position remains a straightforward demand for a 180.00 Euro a month increase.

After the most recent negotiations on March 13 and 14 made no progress union members launched a series of warning strikes across Germany on April 8, 9 and 10.

The next round of negotiations start today (April 11).

The IUF International Coca-Cola Workers Alliance meeting that took place in Geneva on April 8 and 9 pledged whatever support was possible to sisters and brothers in the NGG in this critical struggle for decent working conditions and defence of their members' livelihoods.

Please find here NGG's leaflet showing photos of warning strikes.