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INDIA: Authorities move to evict Coca-Cola from 'Land-Grab' Site

The action to evict Coca-Cola comes as the result of an order passed by the local revenue officer, in December 2013 after an official investigation carried out at the insistence of local villagers. The company was also fined Rs.124,590, about US$2,000. The order issued also allows for a police force to accompany the local authorities to evict Coca-Cola. According to recent reports, the eviction is now imminent.

Hong Kong: Swire Beverages workers strike over official recognition

Swire Beverages Employees General Union in Hong Kong staged a strike on October 3. Around two to three hundreds of drivers and helpers of the delivery team went on strike. This industrial action stopped the delivery schedule of more than one hundred cars and distribution of products affecting the customers of the Coca cola Company including McDonalds, Restaurants, Cafes etc. The union estimated that the Coca Cola Company lost nearly 100 million business that day.

There was a three-hour negotiation meeting initially between employer and employees but because it did not reach to any consensus, the union stayed overnight to continue the strike outside the production plant.

Philippines - Coca-Cola's P3 performance based program brings Open sadness for workers

When you open a bottle of Coke, the feeling should be "Open Happiness",but in reality, inside the Coca-Cola is misery of the employee so the slogan changes to "Open Sadness," said June of the San Fernando Coca-Cola Rank and File Union (Sacoru) in Pampanga.

Philippines: Another strike against redundancies and transfers planned

In May over 250 drivers and delivery workers went on strike at the Santa Rosa plant in Laguna. They were protesting against their forced transfer from Coca-Cola Philippines to a 100% owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Philipines, TRCI Red Systems.

Philippines: Collective agreement deadlocked for 28 months over "optional" performance-based pay

For 28 months members in the Ilagan Coca-Cola Plant & Sales Offices and Sales Force Union (ICCPSOSFU) have been denied any possibility of securing a new collective agreement due to their refusal to agree to the compulsory inclusion of "P3" performance-based pay. 

Doing it BIG: after selling Philippines operations to FEMSA, TCCC still doing damage

Eight months after FEMSA bought a 51% stake in Coca-Cola Philippines and gained management control, The Bottling Investments Group (BIG) of The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is still relentlessly destroying jobs.

Unions in North and Western India unite to strengthen bargaining power

Following the success of the South India Coca-Cola Union Forum in 2011, a second regional forum covering North and Western India was launched on July 28. 
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