The Alliance of Coca-Cola Unions Philippines opposes Coke evaluation scheme

Alliance of Coca-Cola Unions Philippines (ACCUP)-International Union of Foods is strongly opposing the individual performance evaluation scheme for wage increase of the Coca Cola Bottlers, Philippines as this will lead to the loss of the security of tenure of workers, Cyrus Javelosa of the Bacolod Sales Force Union, said on June 11.

Javelosa claimed that the scheme is unjustifiable and unfair for them because the management will have the decision to increase or decrease their wages based on their performance.

He said their sales are not determined by their performance alone since they have the market that determines the volume of their product sales.

Javelosa also said they cannot do anything if the market demands for low volume and they have no control over the people’s preference for other products.

The ACCUP-IUF members in Bacolod City will hold a press conference on Friday at 10 a.m. at the Middle Town Inn in Bacolod City.


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