Philippines: Coke tells union which federation it can and cannot join

Interference in union affairs was taken to a new level at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in General Santos when national HR management instructed the union on which national federation it should be affiliated to.
Management explained the advantages and disadvantages of each national union centre then produced a diagram showing the "political spectrum" and "history". Union representatives were told which union federations the company prefers and which it should not associate with. 
When the General Santos Coca-Cola Plant Employees Union (PEU) replied that this is an internal union matter that has nothing to do with the company, the management threatened to withdraw recognition if the union joins the "wrong" federation or remains independent. 
When PEU again reaffirmed its desire to be an independent union without affiliation to any federation, management then threatened them with the loss of benefits. The company claimed that as a "new" union, all union members will automatically lose their existing benefits. 
This interference in union affairs violates the right to freedom of association and stems directly from the PEU's refusal to accept P3 - a new performance appraisal system that removes wage bargaining rights and undermines job security.


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