Philippines: attempts to remove banners, deny right to freedom of expression fails

Protest actions against the loss wage bargaining rights and job security continue across the Philippines. In the southern city of Davao Coca-Cola responded to the protests by attacking the right to freedom of expression. Coca-Cola management called on the Department of Public Works and Highways to remove the union’s protest banners from all public areas. As in Atlanta local management is hoping the protests will just disappear (along with workers’ rights). But just days after the banners were removed they were once again on display on the highways and other public places. This followed a meeting between the union, SAMACOKE and the Mayor of Davao City who supported the union’s right to freedom of expression. 










Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Coca-Cola (SAMACOKE) union making new banners after he the Department of Public Works and Highways removed them at the request of Coca-Cola management

Protests continue.... 


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