Federation of Coca-Cola Workers in Latin America: Solidarity, struggle and organization

IUF Latin American Federation of Coca-Cola Workers (Felatrac) celebrated its twelfth anniversary on May 7, 2020.

Felatrac was born as a need for Coca-Cola workers in Latin America to have a common instrument of struggle, to debate the challenges of the sector, as well as on the different ways of facing and solving them.

But the Federation did not remain in any selfish attitude only looking after the interests of Coca-Cola workers, and that is why it has also shown solidarity and accompanied other sister organizations in their struggle.

In these twelve years, Felatrac has fulfilled its leading role. Every day more Coca-Cola workers' unions joined it and in some countries it has been possible to organize new unions, to achieve growth in membership and to strengthen the unions organizationally.

Many challenges remain, new challenges will arise but we are sure that with solidarity, unity and struggle we can overcome them. We cannot ignore the situation that exists around the world as a consequence of COVID-19. From the place where we are and to the extent that our possibilities allow us, we will show solidarity with the people most affected by the pandemic.

Likewise, we must demand from our respective employers adequate conditions to be able to carry out the work in conditions that allow us to avoid contagion and privilege health and life over anything else.

We acknowledge the leadership and dedication of comrade Raúl Alvarez, president of Felatrac, to whom we send a solidarity greeting, and we extend the embrace to all the organizations that make up the Federation.

Long live Felatrac!

Please see here the original news story in Spanish.


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