The IUF Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

On May 22/23, 2008, the 2nd Coca-Cola Workers’s Unions Global Meeting took place in Oberjosbach, Germany.

Delegates of the meeting with overwhelming majority supported the proposal to take a new step in order to improve coordination and cooperation among unions uniting Coca-Cola workers, and set up the IUF’s Coca-Cola Workers Global Alliance (see the report about the conference on this site).

The Alliance aims to at least share information and experiences and seek to identify and
unite around common goals.

Membership of the Alliance is free to IUF affiliates. Only a commitment to be active in the Alliance is needed. The Alliance will be the key organization to carry out information and solidarity activities on behalf of Alliance members.

All unions affiliated to the IUF with members or potential members employed in the Coca-Cola system can join the Alliance.

The Alliance is being guided by a Steering Committee. You can see a description of the Committee and a list of Steering Comittee Members here.

The Alliance calls on union to support the fight against outsourcing and casualisation by adopting, promoting, and realizing its "Charter of demands against job destruction"

Click here to see stories and resources for Alliance members. This page will open only if your are already a registered Alliance member.

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