Coca-Cola workers meet and visit the Fuenlabrada factory in Madrid

Trade union representatives from four Coca-Cola producing countries in Europe, joined by IUF secretariat representatives met in Madrid on 17 January to show support and solidarity with the struggle of the workers at the Coca-Cola Fuenlabrada factory.

In June 2014 Spain's National Court annulled the companies decision to the "collective layoff" and ordered to reinstate them and this was confirmed by the Supreme Court again in April 2015.

The representatives visited the factory of Fuenlabrada and showed solidarity with the IUF-affiliated Federacion de Industria de CC.OO union outside the Supreme Court on 18 January. The workers demand that justice is upheld and that the court recognizes that the work at the Fuenlabrada factory is not productive/regular as was dictated by the sentence as moving bottles is not productive/regular. 

The Supreme Court has confirmed on Wednesday 18 January that the readmission of the employees of the closed plant in Madrid will be carried out in a new logistics center, and not in a factory, as demanded by part of the workforce.