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ACCUP launches protest actions on April 25 which will continue until October 31 against the "Lies of Coke"

On 25 April ACCUP will launch the first of a series of revolving protest actions that will continue until 31 October. ACCUP is protesting jobs destruction under forced mass redundancies of sales workers, increased contractualization and outsourcing to replace regular jobs in manufacturing, the loss of wage bargaining rights and an unfair regime of performance appraisal and punishment that undermines job security.

What Coca-Cola FEMSA is trying to enforce is against the stability of work

An interview With Carlos Luch; General Secretary of STECSA

Just a few weeks before the bi-annual meeting of IUF with the Coca Cola Company in Atlanta, the situation of collective bargaining in Guatemala between STECSA and Coca Cola FEMSA has become even more complicated.

Poland: Coca-Cola factory in Lodz closes

January 25, Solidarnosc representatives signed an agreement with Coca-Cola Hellenic Polska about conditions of compensation for workers to be dismissed as a consequence of the plant closure in Lodz. Depending on seniority, workers will get between 3 and 10 monthly salaries of compensation plus a number of social benefits.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Italia Rionero facility reopens following strikes

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co Italia has re-opened one of its facilities today after truckers' strikes in the south of Italy forced the bottler to close two plants earlier this week.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Italia has halted production at two of its plants in Marcianise and Rionero as a result of truckers' strikes across Italy over tax rises and economic reforms on January 27.

Strike breaks out at Coca Cola and Inca Kola of Peru

SINATREL and SITRACORLINSA, two unions representing Coca-Cola workers in Peru are on strike at Coca-Cola and Inca Kola part of SAA Lindley Corporation companies since November 28 after the negotiations came to a deadlock. 

Tunisia: strike success in Coca-Cola Mégrine

Workers at the Coca-Cola factory in Mégrine, Tunisia, went on strike for two half days July 26 and 27 and won important improvements in the area of health and safety, as well as in remuneration. 

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