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Atlanta: November 1st IUF/TCCC meeting addresses outstanding issues notably in the Philippines and Guatemala

At the most recent bi-annual meetings between IUF and TCCC in Atlanta, the IUF delegation called for further concrete results from the now well-established Atlanta process. The IUF stressed that without concrete and positive outcomes for Coca-Cola workers the process will become meaningless.

“The greatest challenge ahead is to train young workers in becoming involved in union activities”

“Tito” Zelko is a C.P.A. who has been working for the Finance Department of The Coca Cola Company since 1985. He was previously employed by the Ford Motor Company until that same year, when the automotive firm closed down its offices in Uruguay. Zelko was hired by TCCC at the time when Uruguay was leaving behind a period of military dictatorship (1973 - 1985).

“We should take pride in being workers”

SUT-INARSA, of Coca-Cola FEMSA, holds general assembly.

On July 15, the Sole Union of Workers of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA), of Coca-Cola FEMSA, held a general assembly to inform its members of the progress made in the past year and the union’s financial situation. It also elected the governing committee for a new term.

SATRABECO trains for upcoming negotiation with Coca-Cola

negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement are set to begin, the members of the negotiating committee of the Autonomous Union of BEPENSA - Coca-Cola Workers (SATRABECO) participated in a Collective Bargaining Workshop organized by Bernabel Matos. SIREL spoke with the union’s general secretary, Linares Díaz, to learn more about this workshop.

Coca-Cola Beverage Korea Labour Unions unite to resolve workplace issues

Coca-Cola Beverage Korea Labour Unions (CCBKLU) held their ordinary conventions respectively on February 2012 and endorsed their 2012 work plans and budgets. Unions demanded for equal sharing of good profit results and improvement of occupational health and safety at Coca-Cola Korea operations. However, the Company didn't respond the demands of the unions. Instead, through its congratulatory address, it stressed that Coca-Cola Beverage Korea (CCBK) has been growing up over the past 4 years in terms of sales and operating profit but it was not a first class beverage company and therefore all employees must overcome much more hardships in facing challenges of world economy's uncertainties and unforeseen consumers' trend.

Casual Work, Employment and Union recognition rights issues at the heart of IUF/Coca-Cola March 2012, Atlanta meeting

On March 29, a team of Coca-Cola union representatives met Coca-Cola's Global Workplace Rights Director Ed Potter and his team in Atlanta to discuss global labour relations at Coca-Cola, specific cases from countries where issues were reported, and, in particular, the issue of precarious work in Coca-Cola's system.

STECSA and SITINCA: Strengthening the coordination and cooperation

Accompanied by the Trade Union Federation of Food, Agribusiness and Allied workers(FESTRAS) and the Latin American Federation of Coca Cola (FELATRAC), the Union of Central Bottling SA (STECSA) and the Union of Coffee Industry Workers SA (SITINCA), met again last week in the Guatemalan capital.

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