Coca-Cola ABI strike - pictures

These are some pictures from the protest march of ABI workers in Johannesburg, South Africa, January 11, 2009. 

3000 join protest march in South Africa, while 76 workers remain in prison after 1 stone thrown

As part of intensifying the strike action at ABI Coke, COSATU General Secretary, Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi addressed a protest rally, following a march to SAB Ltd offices in Sandton, by striking workers of ABI Coke and workers of SAB beer and other Coca Cola bottling companies at 14h00 on 11th January 2010.

Mass arrests of striking FAWU members

More than 100 protesting FAWU members have been arrested in Midland and Develand January 5 and 6. The workers have been on strike since December 22 for better wages, better working schedules, and against the increasing use of outsourcing and labour brokers at ABI, the Soft Drink division of SAB Ltd in South Africa

South Africa: Coca-Cola ABI workers on strike

Members of the Food and Allied Workers’ Union [FAWU], the IUF affiliate in South Africa organising Coca-Cola workers, are on strike since December 22 at ABI Coke, the soft drinks division of South African Breweries (SAB).

New Coca-Cola union in Gdynia, Poland

Workers in a Coca-Cola distribution center in Gdynia, Poland, formed a union local at the end of Novembera It became part of IUF affiliate NSZZ Solidarnosc, the most recent member of the the Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance.

Let's build the Alliance - leaflet for download

The Coca-Cola Workers Alliance is our tool to organise, fight union rights violations and casualisation at Coca-Cola operations worldwide.

This leaflet explains the idea of the Alliance to comrades at work and other union activists and proposes how we can build the Alliance together. 

You can download the leaflet in






Canada: "Supporting each other is the key". Interview with CSDWC chairperson K.LeBlanc

On September 24th and 25th, the Canadian Soft Drink Workers Council (CSDWC) met for its 10th annual meeting. On the occasion, conducted an interview with Kevin LeBlanc, just reelected as chairperson of the CSDWC and currently holds the position of plant chairperson at Coca-Cola Halifax and Vice President of UFCW Local 361.

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