13 workers made permanent at Coca-Cola Megrine, Tunisia

After dialogue between the union at Coca-Cola Megrine (which is part of the IUF-affiliated FGAT) and the management of the bottler STBG, 13 workers have been made permanent. 

Uruguay: Important victory for Coca Cola workers. New gain for FELATRAC

The Union of Coca-Cola Workers (STCC) in Urugugay achieved a major agreement with the company after having declared a state of alert that lasted several days and during which it conducted ongoing negotiations.

Promote the Charter of demands - leaflet

leaflet jpgThe Coca-Cola Alliance's "Charter of demands against job destruction" is our joint platform against outsourcing and casualisation in Coca-Cola operations. 

You can help to spread the word!

Download a leaflet here on what you can do to support the Charter of demands and discuss the proposals at your next union meeting:

ITALY: Coca-Cola closes its Bari plant and leaves Southern Italy

Source: FLAI-CGIL - US multinational Coca-Cola has officially opened the
redundancy proceedings for its 40 Bari site employees. The company declared the definitive closure of the operation. The only alternative to dismissal that Coca-Cola proposed to Italian unions was that employees they were transferred to

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