Honduras: SABMiller, Pepsico and Coca Cola impose extensive working hours

The Union of Beverage Workers (STIBYS) has started a campaign to complain against and raise awareness about the effects and consequences of the extensive working hours of up to 16 hours per day imposed by SABMiller, Pepsico and Coca Cola. SIREL spoke with the president of the national union board, Carlos Reyes, to get a better understanding of the campaign and its background. Read the interview at the REL-Uita website.

SABMiller, Pepsico e Coca-Cola impõem extensas jornadas de trabalho

O Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Indústria das Bebidas e Similares (STIBYS) começou uma campanha de denúncia e sensibilização sobre os efeitos e as conseqüências das extensas jornadas de trabalho impostas pela SABMiller, Pepsico e Coca-Cola, e que geralmente chegam a 16 horas diárias.

Coca-Cola South Africa Shopstewards Meeting

16 members Coca-Cola National Shopstewards Council adopted an action plan and work programme at its meeting held 4 – 5 July in JohannesburgSouth Africa. The meeting was supported by the IUF.
Among the priority issues in the action plan are:

Which of the proposed logos (see Alliance part) would you prefer to become the official Alliance logo?

Coca-Cola Alliance logo - create your own and choose the best!

one of the logo proposals
In order to give the Coca-Cola Alliance a face and make it visible all
over the world, we propose to develop a logo that in future can be used
for any Alliance activities - on buttons, badges, posters, on this
website, - wherever we want to make clear we are part of this Alliance.

For Alliance members - click here and take part in the development and approval of the logo!

Coca-Cola Workers launch Global Union Alliance

Coke participants at Oberjosbach NGG training centre

Members of the newly formed Coke Global Alliance

To see more pictures, click here.

Coca-Cola Workers in Irkutsk, Russia, set up their trade union local

May 19, 2008. The workers of Coca-Cola warehouses and distribution centre in Irkutsk, Russia, last week set up their trade union local. More than 50% percent of the workforce joint the organisation right away. The new organisation is affiliated to the Russian Agroindustrial Workers Union, and has established contact already to other trade union locals in Coca-Cola Russia in order to prepare for common activities and receive consultation and support.

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