Coca-Cola Workers launch Global Union Alliance

Coke participants at Oberjosbach NGG training centre

Members of the newly formed Coke Global Alliance

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Coca-Cola Workers in Irkutsk, Russia, set up their trade union local

May 19, 2008. The workers of Coca-Cola warehouses and distribution centre in Irkutsk, Russia, last week set up their trade union local. More than 50% percent of the workforce joint the organisation right away. The new organisation is affiliated to the Russian Agroindustrial Workers Union, and has established contact already to other trade union locals in Coca-Cola Russia in order to prepare for common activities and receive consultation and support.

Strike ends at Coca-Cola Enterprises France

CCE management and unions have signed an agreement ending the strike on Wednesday at Coca-Cola Socx, near Dunkirk (North). The agreement includes a wage increase of 3.2% starting in July and individual increases based on lenght of service. People returned to work from Wednesday 9pm, April 30 onwards and all sites returned to production Friday, May 2 after two weeks of strike
which severely disrupted production
in France.

Strike at CCE France: Clamart obtains a 4,5% increase, Grigny and Dunkirk go on

French Coca-Cola workers at the Clamart production site obtained an overall salary increase of 4.5% last Saturday 26 April, according to CFDT representative Christian Jurcenoks. The raise includes an overall increase of 3.2%, with the remaining 1.3% depending on merit. This increase is an offer that hasn't been negotiated unions with and will be subject to a review in October should inflation be higher overall increase.

Industrial action at Coca-Cola Enterprises France continues

Industrial action at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CEE) operations in France continues at the Northern sites of Dunquerque, Grigny and Clamart. Growing unrest is reported in other sites but has not yet led to a strike. The CFDT, FO, CFTC and CGT unions demand that CCE management :

(1) reopens good faith negotiations with unions around wages at a national level, not in a site-by-site, union-by-union divisive way

(2) extends the concession of a 4% wage increase and 80€ monthly bonus that accepted at its Marseille site to the rest of CEE facilities in France

Coca-Cola Enterprise workers on strike in Northern France around pay negotiations

The French unions FO, CFDT and CFTC jointly launched industrial action on 17 April at the Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) production site of Bierne-Socx. Strikers demand a 6% raise on top of additional 80 €

Philippines: Supreme Court decision boosts legal cases against CCBPI's illegal dismissal of more than 900 union members

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc (CCBPI) had denied the right to regular employment to seven workers and their subsequent dismissal was deemed illegal. This has set a crucial precedent for 14 separate legal cases filed by unions affiliated to the IUF. Together these cases cover the illegal dismissal of more than 900 union members.

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