Coca-Cola must stay in Kaiserslautern!

coke workers in front of factory gatesJanuary 15, 2009, the works council of the Coca-Cola plant in Kaiserslautern, Germany, called a meeting of employees at short frist in order to inform the 250 workers about the content of an email it had received by mistake. 

According to this letter there were concrete plans to shut down production in Kaiserslautern. As Cornalia Hulla, member of the company board, could not give a binding statement at the meeting that production would be preserved at the location, and as the mood in the meeting heated up ever more, the works council decided to continue the meeting in front of the factory gates. Employees works council chairman Alfons Boslé, member fo the works council Joachim Reidenbach, and the regional NGG union officer Holger Winkow insisted in their speeches that the employer should treat employs in a fair way, and that they will fight in order to preserve the location. "Coca-Cola must stay in Kaiserslautern!"

Other locations are threatened with closure as well. Meanwhile, negotiations on the issue between the Germany-wide General Works Council and management have started.  

coke workers in front of factory gates


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