REL-UITA: Coca-Cola, outsourcing at its extreme - Labour Apartheid

In the framework of various meetings in Bogotá in order to raise awareness about the pre-conflict situation of Banana workers in Urabá, Colombia, Rel-UITA has interviewed union leaders and activists from SICO. The Union at Coca-Cola Bogotá  and Villavicencio ahd joined SICO in March (see story in Spanish).
Interview partners were Julio Rubén Padilla, president; Pablo Alfonso Carbajal, education secretary, and Macario Pérez Petro, a rank and file member.

Below is a summary of the interview. 

Read the full interview in Spanish on the Rel-UITA website.

The interview partners pointed out, that at Coca-Cola in Bogotá,
owned by FEMSA Panamco, one of the main problems is the extreme form of
outsourcing in sales and distribution. While in presales, workers are
hired by an outsourcing company that at least hires them with permanent
contracts, the truck drivers are in worse situation: they are being
treated as self-employed entrepreneurs which are granted a vending zone
and receive a commission for each case sold. In turn, they hire
helpers. There are only 6 permanent employees in sales and delivery for
the whole area, while there are about 300 precarious workers, which
earn few money, which is however expected to cover premiums, vacation
allowance and unemployment insurance. 

In production and
warehouse, certain functions are equally being filled with precarious
workers, for example night shift loaders. 

The casusaliation of workers not only negatively affects terms and conditions, but also the union, as these workers cannot affiliate. 

Coca-Cola Bogotá union learned with great interest, that for example at the Carepa plant in Colombia, there is no outsourcing, and the plant still works profitable. 

After affiliating to SICO and hence IUF and FELATRAC, they now feel in a better situation to fight this situation, receiving information and support. 

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