Uruguay: job destruction through soft drink imports?

Workers at Coca-Cola Montevideo Refrescos have been alerted by a move of the company to import 700 000 cases of soft drink from Argentina, which has triggered fear of job destruction in Uruguay. Workers therefore have formulated a clear set of demands in order to ensure the measure is one-time, and no jobs would be affected neither for casual nor regular workers (read their resolution in English).
Management so far has reacted insufficiently to the unions concerns. Instead of dealing with the matter at stake, management has proposed changes that would affect the Collective Agreement, cutting back on conditions, and some of them even interfering with the union's internal affairs. The General Secretary of the IUF Latin-American Regional Organisation, Gerardo Iglesias, has voiced concern over this approach in a letter to Montevideo Refrescos management (see his letter in Spanish here).

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