Promote the Charter of demands - leaflet

leaflet jpgThe Coca-Cola Alliance's "Charter of demands against job destruction" is our joint platform against outsourcing and casualisation in Coca-Cola operations. 

You can help to spread the word!

Download a leaflet here on what you can do to support the Charter of demands and discuss the proposals at your next union meeting:

- Download the Charter in 20 available languages.
- Support the Charter by a vote of your union! You could do it by passing a resolution of support for the charter, adopting the text of the charter as a position of your union, but you can also express your support in any other way suitable for your circumstances.
- Inform your management about your support of the charter.
- Raise the consciousness of your co-workers: publish the text of the charter as a leaflet or poster and make it available to your membership.
- Educate your membership in order to bargain on the issues mentioned in the charter.
- Include some or all of the demands into your bargaining proposals with management, and push to get them into agreements!
- Let others know what you are doing: Please notify us about any activity you take with regard to the charter, so we can make this information available to other Alliance members.
- Check out what others are doing on this webiste.
You can also publish your news at the website. Please contact us to publish your information.
How else you can help bring forward decent regular employment in Coke:
- Send us information about the situation regarding casual work in your country. You can use the survey on casual work form.
- Discuss with regional or global Coca-Cola coordinators how to drive back casual work locally, nationally, and globally.
- Your Union is not yet an Alliance member? Join the Alliance now! You can find information on the Alliance and how to join clicking here or from your regional IUF Coca-Cola union's coordinator.

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