Affilates building capacities on Organising and bargaining techniques in Tunisia and Morocco


From 3rd to 5th May 2010 IUF and its Tunisian affiliate  FGAT/UGTT organized a seminar in Monastir (Tunisia) to discuss Organizing with special focus on the situation in Coca-Cola Tunisia. Almost 30 Coca-Cola union activists and regional union representatives from different localities of Tunisia took place, as well as representative of the Moroccan UMT. The Objectives of the seminar are to help unionists from coca-cola plants to improve their ability to recruit new members and at the end strengthen their organization. To achieve this, the concept of proactive organizing was introduced to participants, provoking lively discussions about the differences between an union organizing and servicing model. Participants then continued to discuss concrete steps to for organizing Coca-Cola workers into a more active and stronger union. FGAT representatives emphasized the importance of increasing membership and proactively organizing new locations and new sectors, so that the seminar can be seen as a point of departure for further discussions and further active cooperation between FGAT and the IUF.   


After the November 2009 IUF delegation visit’s in Morocco further cooperation had been agreed on collective bargaining issues. A seminar on “Strengthening union organization and negotiation skills in Coca-Cola” was organized therefore by  IUF with its affiliate Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) from 7th to 8th May 2010 in Casablanca.  20t participants from Coca-Cola plant and UMT leaders discussed with IUF coordinators and a representative from FGAT/UGTT Tunisia; the presence of the latter further strengthened the close cooperation between these two Coca-Cola unions in the region.Participants discussed very intensely the different problems they encounter when bringing issues to the bargaining table and ways to strengthen workers positions in these negotiations. The seminar was but the first of a number of joint activities which all participants are very much looking forward to.  

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