Picture gallery - 2nd Global Coca-Cola workers conference

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David Morales adressing the conference

FESTRAS (Guatemala) general secretary David Morales

Johan Botella, NGG (Germany)

Johan Botella (NGG, Coca-Cola Works Council Chairman)
Johan Botella (NGG, Germany, Coca-cola Works Council Chairman)

Conference plenary session
Plenary session at the conference

Franz-Josef Moellenberg (president, NGG) opening the conference

Franz-Josef Moellenberg, NGG president (Germany)


Belgian, Croatian, Russian, and Serbian participants

Belgian, Croatian, Russian, and Serbian participants

M.Leshev (Russia, St. Petersburg) at the plant visit in Liederbach

Khaista Rehman, Hil Michael Jon Salunga, M.Leshev at the plant visit

M. Leshev (AIWU, Russia), M.Salunga (ACCUP, Philippines, Kh.Rehman (NFFBTW, Pakistan) during the plant visit