Belgium: IUF affiliated LBC-NVK promotes IUF's Zero Rights campaign - Calls on its member to engage in concrete support

The LBC-NVK in Belgium has widely circulated information about Coca-Cola's human rights violations in several countries and called on its members to support the ongoing struggles for basic rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the US. The union produced the Dutch version of the campaign leaflet and circulated it.

Below you can find the English text of the story:

Coca-Cola violates human rights across three continents.

During the recent festive period Coca-Cola's promotional tour using its iconic "Christmas trucks" toured several European countries.

In Belgium one of the trucks made 30 stops.

At these events Coca-Cola promotes its products and conveys "thanks" to customers "and their loved ones" on gigantic tv screens. But this festive atmosphere stands in stark contrast to the way they treat their workers in a number of countries across three continents. Human rights abuses have grown over recent times throughout the Coca-Cola system. Coca-Cola appears unconcerned and has taken no meaningful action to remedy these abuses of fundamental rights.

In Haiti, the Coca-Cola bottler La Brasserie de la Couronne continues its aggressive denial of its workers' rights to be represented by a trade union.

The Coca-Cola bottler Amatil in Indonesia continues its attacks on independent and democratic trade unions and continues to bolster a labour structure that is a legacy of the Suharto regime, a regime recognized internationally as one of the most murderous regimes in recent history.

In the Philippines, the Coca-Cola bottler FEMSA is violating fundamental human rights while simultaneously brutally destroying lives of hundreds of its workers and their families.

In the US, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company hired a law firm at great expense to tell workers it would be better if they remained 'union-free'.

In Ireland the Coca-Cola Company refuses to recognize IUF-affiliated SIPTU, a union that a majority of production workers have freely chosen to represent. Coca-Cola's refusal flies in the face of a formal recommendation from the Irish Labour Court that the company should negotiate the terms and conditions of employment of these members with SIPTU.

Throughout the world human rights defenders in their thousands have demanded that The Coca-Cola Company's remedy these ongoing violations in Indonesia, Haiti, The Philippines, Ireland and the US.

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