Coca-Cola fails to address its actions in Philippines that expose workers to violence

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, which works to advance human rights in business and eradicate abuse, published the IUF's rejoinder to Coca-Cola's response regarding the company's attack on unions in the Philippines that invites potential violence against workers.

Coca-Cola's response demonstrates a total failure to address the substance of the allegations and the absence of any independent effort to investigate the facts.

The IUF has not alleged that company management spoke to workers at the meetings. The IUF has noted that plant security personnel introduced an individual who described himself as a former armed insurgent reporting directly to the president who denounced the recognized union at the plant as a subversive organization. This assertion cannot be misunderstood: subversion equals armed insurgence. The IUF has no indication that at any point Coca-Cola management intervened to suggest that the presentation was veering off message, or that the veiled threats and clear interference in the union's structures and activities were inappropriate.

With respect to the threatening visit to the union vice-president's home TCCC's claim that their Philippines subsidiary, "is unaware of such activity by the authorities and can therefore provide no comment" is simply not credible. This threatening visit was described in detail in a formal letter sent to the human resources director at the plant and copied to the plant operations director and the CEO of Coca-Cola Bottling Enterprises in the Philippines.

Please read the rest of the rejoinder and all components of the story published at the website of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre HERE.

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