Coca-Cola Alliance Steering Committee

As stipulated in the Guidelines of the Global Coca-Cola Workers Alliance, a STEERING COMMITTEE is guiding the work of the Alliance, which consists of at least one representative from each of regions as listed below and ex-offico members from the IUF.

Steering Committee members shall serve until the next physical meeting of the Alliance, at any rate no longer than a period of 5 years. In case that a Steering Committee position becomes vacant, a replacement for that region will be selected by mutual agreement of unions participating in the Alliance in that region.

The Steering Comittee is conducting its work through electronic communiation and physical meetings as necessary. 

Steering Committee members as of Nov. 15, 2008, are:

  • Africa: Katishi Masemola (FAWU, South Africa), Houcine Krimi (FGAT-UGTT, Tunisia),
  • European Union: Johan Botella (NGG, Germany), Jan Vidar Hansen (NNN, Norway), Chris Jurcenoks (FGA-CFDT, France), Montserrat Sagarra Fitó (substitute, CCOO, Spain)
  • EECA: Galina Yurova (Russian CC Unions Coordination Council)
  • North America: Dave Laughton, (Teamsters – substitutes Jack Cipriani, Tim Beaty), Mathias Bolton (UFCW/RWDSU), CAW (to be confirmed)
  • Latin America: Pablo Quiroga (FATAGA, Argentina), Francisco Argueta (STECSA, Guatemala)
  • Asia Pacific (South/ South-East): Khaista Rehman (Nat. Fed. of Food and Allied Workers; CCBPL Karachi bottling plant Union, Pakistan)
  • Asia Pacific (North): Kazuhide Hashimoto (UI Zensen, Japan), Takashi Emori: (Food Rengo, Japan)
  • IUF: Ron Oswald, Gisela Neunhoeffer

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