"All our employees are free to become or remain members of the Teamsters Local 728, or any other labor organization"

Following the settlement concerning unfair labour practices at its Marietta plant, Coca-Cola Enterprises has posted a notice on information boards in its Marietta, College Park and Atlanta West facilities, laying out in detail how the company intends to not interfere with its employees labour rights.

Apart from stating clearly that it respects its employees rights to join a labour union, Coca-Cola Enterprises commits to refraining from a number of unfair labour practices it had used against the attempts of workers in Marietta to unite in the Teamsters local 728.

Among others, the company

  • will NOT "

    intimidate employees
    in an attempt to interfere with or prevent employees from discussing the Union

    during non-work time
    and in non-work areas",

  • will NOT "

    threaten employees
    with discipline for engaging in union or protected concerted activity",

  • will NOT "tell employees
    that the Company is not required to bargain in good faith" and
  • will NOT "

    interrogate employees
    about their union activities or the union activities of other employees."

The company has also rescinded an unjust discipline issued to a key union activist, and will implement substantial wage adjustments worth thousands of dollars for hourly employees at CCE’s
Marietta bottling plant that will be paid dating back to April 2, 2010. 

You can read the full notice here.

The document is the result of a settlement approved by the National Labour Relations Board, the government agency controlling the respect of labour rights in the US.