Coca-Cola South Africa Shopstewards Meeting

16 members Coca-Cola National Shopstewards Council adopted an action plan and work programme at its meeting held 4 – 5 July in JohannesburgSouth Africa. The meeting was supported by the IUF.
Among the priority issues in the action plan are:
• Setting up of  a regional alliance of Coca-Cola Shopstewards  in Africa.
• Supporting organizing and the campaign on Casualisation within the Coca-Cola Systems.
• Supporting centralized bargaining in Coca-Cola South Africa. 
• Developing an information resource base (database) on Casualisation and outsourcing within Coca-cola Systems.
• New challenges such as achieving a global recognition agreement by IUF with The Coca-Cola Company.
• Building communication networks
The CONASCO is the coordinating body of the Alliance that brings together shop stewards from the Shopstewards  in 5 Coca-Cola Bottlers in South African.
The aim of the alliance is to achieve a National Agreement with Coca-Cola Bottlers in South AfricaA general meeting of the workers  of the Coca-Cola bottlers in South Africa will be held in Durban on the 27th September 2008.

The IUF draft global recognition agreement was endorse by the shopstewards.
The FES is supporting research work on Shoprite and will publish a popular version once the research is complete. 
The Fawu general  secretary Katishi Masemola thanked the steering group for the better coordination of the Coca-Cola Shopstewards Alliance in South Africa .