Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia continue to fight for their basic trade union rights


Over 60 workers from the IUF-affiliated Coca-Cola unions in Indonesia, SBCCB and SBCCD, held a second protest action on March 13, 2017 at the Cibitung plant in West Java. A number of other unions such as the IUF-affiliated SPMKB union also attended the protest in solidarity.

They demand that Coca-Cola management reinstates the unfairly dismissed SBCCD union chairman, wage scale and wage structure transparency and job security. They also demand that management stops forcing workers to work on Saturday and Sunday.

A similar protest action was also held at the Bawen plant in Central Java where a new independent union SBMCC is demanding that management stops the transfer of the newly elected chairman to a sales office 170km away and withdraws the warning letter that has been issued against him!  

The SBCCB, SBCCD and other Coca-Cola unions sent a Joint Statement of these demands to the management.