Karachi union incorporates "Charter of demands" into negotations

The Staff and Workers Union at Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL), Karachi submitted a charter of demands to management on  January, 2, 2009.

Among other demands, it includes the following four points which reflect and specify positions of the Global charter of demands against casualisation, as appropriate for the situation at the Karachi plant:

- Boiler operators, electricians, time keepers, staff drivers, peons, and forklift operators should be made permanent.
This demand reflects point No. 2 of global charter of demands, which calls for the total abolition of especially indecent forms of casual work

- All workers (including casual/ temporary/ agency) should be allowed to exercise their basic rights without any discrimination refers to art. 5 of the global Charter

- Outsourcing should be abolished immediately is supported by art 1 of the global Charter

- Special quota should be introduced for hiring women workers. All outsourced light inspectors (women) should be made permanent.
Art 7 of the global charter likewise calls for an end of discriminatory practices for casual workers. 

The union has held an introductory meeting and is preparing for