IUF Coca-Cola regional and global coordinators

There is a number of IUF staff dedicated, among other tasks, on supporting Coca-Cola unions around the world. Here are their contacts:

IUF Coca-Cola coordinators
region name email skype
Southern and Eastern Africa Cuana Angula cuana.angula at mweb.co.za cuana.angula
Northern, Western and Central Africa Simeon Dossou simeon.dossou at iuf.org simeondossou
Asia/Pacific Hidayat Greenfield greenfield at iuf.org greenfield_iuf
Latin America Beatriz Sosa-Martínez beatriz at rel-uita.org bea_sm
Latin America Daniel García daniel at rel-uita.org daniel.garcia.la
Eastern Europe and Central Asia Ivan Milykh ivan.milykh at iuf.org ivanmilykh
South Eastern Europe Ildiko Kren ildiko.kren at iuf.org ildiko.kren
European Union Simon Cox s.cox at effat.org simonlcox
IUF Coca-Cola Workers Alliance Coordinator Gisela Neunhoeffer gisela.neunhoeffer at iuf.org giselaneunhoeffer