South Eastern Europe Coca Cola Workers Meeting in Serbia

by Ildiko Kren
Coca Cola Unions’ representatives from Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia held a regional meeting and training organized by the IUF and supported by the the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kladovo, Serbia from 5 to 6th of August 2009.

Participants were introduced to developments at the Coca Cola Company and Coca Cola Hellenic with respect to the financial crisis and other recent developments. The training focused on increasing union strength and bargaining power through different organising and campaigning methods. Working groups and role plays helped participants to get to know each other’s positions and problems in the different countries along with exchange of experiences regarding CBA negotiations and other important issues.

The meeting resulted in a joint proclamation of future cooperation and coordination of national actions on international level through the IUF. As a first step, there will be a regular exchange of information between the countries to develop collective strategies.

The unions expressed their solidarity with the Lipton and Nespresso workers’ struggle in Khanewal, Pakistan and Panjang, Indonesia respectively, adopting two statements. The statements call upon the CEOs of Unilever and Nestlé to respect international ILO rights and settle the disputes with the unions in Khanewal and Panjang.

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