A comment from Ghana: Fixed term contracts, new employer strategy?

By Seth KWAKYE, Coca-Cola Accra

Life they say is Dynamic. People, Companies and even Animals evolve according to the dynamism of the situation. In recent times, Employers, especially those of the transnational Companies
(TNC's) are using fixed term contracts as the mode of employment and this is becoming a major challenge to the union now that the focus is on organizing and increasing numbers.

Fixed term contracts always give the employer the avenue to set its own salary scale, working conditions etc. This effectively denies the employee the benefits negotiated for by the
union. Most of these contracts also extend beyond the stipulated periods stated
in the Labor Acts of most countries.

This we believe is a strategy being employed by these companies which slowly will weaken the front of the union if nothing is done about it. A concerted effort is thus needed to nip this in the

The time to act is now. If it’s not as your doorstep yet, it will soon be in the near future. That’s why we in Ghana are bringing this to the knowledge of all.


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