Coca-Cola Alliance logo - create your own and choose the best!

first proposal
In order to give the Coca-Cola Alliance a face and make it visible all over the world, we propose to develop a logo that in future can be used for any Alliance activities - on buttons, badges, posters, on this website, - wherever we want to make clear we are part of this Alliance.

As you are going to use it, this logo should be developed and chosen by you. Below, find some first, very preliminary proposals. However, we are sure - there are talented designers out there among the Coca-Cola union activists!

Therefore,we would like to ask your to do three things:

1. Spread the word to your Coca-Cola union colleagues!
Whoever might be interested in contributing to develop this logo (or, of course, the discussion fora, news itema, any other aspect of this website), should know about it. Please distribute the news of this website as widely as possible.

2. Let us know your own proposals! You can upload them through the comment function to this story, or send them by email to the IUF, and we will make sure they appear on the site.
Proposals can use any symbols, colours, and text expressing the objectives and goals of the Alliance, subject to legal viability (be cautious with corporate brands...).

If using text - please make sure to send us a format where different languages can be put in later on.

3. Let us know your opinion! Take part in the interactive poll on which logo should become the official Alliance symbol.

Proposal1:first proposal




Proposal 2:

second proposal IUF Alliance logo


Proposal 3:

third proposal IUF Alliance logo