Solidarity for the sacked Coca-Cola Morocco workers

Ben Malouk Hassan, a technician who had worked for 17 years in the Coca-Cola Marrakesh bottling plant is unfairly dismissed on 2 August 2012 because of his union activities. Another worker Jalouli Mohamed, a fork-lift truck driver with 17 years of good service at Coca-Cola Casablanca bottling plant was involved in an unintentional accident when he was following the instructions of his supervisors. The local management claimed that communicating the facts of the accident to international organizations was grounds for dismissal.

A group of activists met to prepare the creation of a trade union at the end of July. As soon as the information reached the management, one of the activists, Bouziane Abdessalam, with 22 years' service, was transferred to another town, Tinguir, a long way from Marrakesh and then forced to take compulsory redundancy with compensation.

Activist Hassan is persisting in his claim for reinstatement. However, the management insisted on transferring him to Casablanca.  He refused to accept this unfair decision and has decided to continue the struggle despite the temptations of redundancy with compensation.

In reality, the management always finds and invents pretexts and reasons to blame the activists based on unfair grounds to bend their will. His refusal to move to Casablanca is supposedly the justification of the management, headed by the social affairs director Azmarou Ahmed.

After crushing the trade union in 2009, the management does not want it to be revived. It is stifling any movement and attempt to organize. The management only allows or engages with puppet and non-unionized employee representatives who have no positive role in defending and supporting employees' interests.  

Ben Malouk Hassan and Jalouli Mohamed began sit-in actions in front of Marrakesh and Casablanca factories and protesting the unfair dismissal decisions by the management.

They need your support. On behalf of workers of Coca-Cola Morocco, we ask Coca-Cola alliance members to show their solidarity by sending solidarity messages to the workforce.

Please send your message to [email protected].

Here is a sample letter in support of sacked Coca-Cola Morocco workers;

Dear Brother Hassan and Mohamed,

I am writing on behalf of (name of union), which represents (XXX) workers in Coca-Cola enterprise, to express my members' absolute solidarity with you in your struggle to defend your rights as workers and citizens in the face of the anti-worker, anti-union tactics used by Coca-Cola and North African Bottling Company (NABC).

My union stands together with the Moroccan Workers' Union (UMT) in its fight to win this dispute, and we will provide whatever support we can to assist (Where appropriate please include details of support here).

Wishing you strength, solidarity and success in your vital cause.

In solidarity,

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