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Which of the proposed logos (see Alliance part) would you prefer to become the official Alliance logo?

Coca-Cola Alliance logo - create your own and choose the best!

first proposal
In order to give the Coca-Cola Alliance a face and make it visible all over the world, we propose to develop a logo that in future can be used for any Alliance activities - on buttons, badges, posters, on this website, - wherever we want to make clear we are part of this Alliance.

Latin American Coca-Cola Unions form regional federation

Trade unions from ten countries formed the Latin American Coca-Cola Unions regional federation in May.
To get more information about the new federation, please go to the IUF's Latin American website:
English:Coca-Cola workers form Latin American Federation
Spanish: Trabajadores de Coca Cola crean Federación Latinoamericana
German:Coca-Cola-Beschäftigte gründen lateinamerikanischen Verband
Portuguese: Trabalhadores da Coca-Cola criam Federação Latino-Americana