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Poland: Coca-Cola factory in Lodz closes

January 25, Solidarnosc representatives signed an agreement with Coca-Cola Hellenic Polska about conditions of compensation for workers to be dismissed as a consequence of the plant closure in Lodz. Depending on seniority, workers will get between 3 and 10 monthly salaries of compensation plus a number of social benefits.

Solidarnosc letter to Alliance members

The Solidarnosc Food Secretariat has asked the IUF to convey their gratitude to all Coca-Cola Alliance members who supported them in their organising efforts in Radzymin, Poland. You can read or download their letter here.

Poland : Coca-Cola workers organise

IUF affiliate Solidarnosc has successfully run an organising initiative among the workers in Coca-Cola Radzymin near Warsaw, Poland. More than 100 workers out of a workforce of close to 300 joined the new union local, more than doubling the number of union members in the country, where previously smaller locals existed only in the factory in Lodz and a distribution center in Gdynia. 

Создан новый профсоюз в системе Кока-Кола

Работники дистрибьюционного центра в г. Гдыня (Польша) конце ноября создали профсоюз. Профсоюз вошёл в IUF через свой отраслевой профсоюз «Солидарность» и стал новой членской организацией глобального альянса работников системы Кока-Кола.