Progress in Pakistan: 75 more casual workers made permanent as unions open offices for the first time

As a result of the successful organizing campaign in Coca-Cola Pakistan in 2008-10 and the union recognition secured through the comprehensive agreement signed in July last year, casual workers continue to be made permanent at bottling plants throughout the country. 
On 10 August 45 casual workers at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Faisalabad received their appointment letters for permanent jobs after years of precarious employment. Ten days later, on 20 August, another 30 casual workers at the Coca-Cola Rahim Yar Khan plant were made permanent. Both unions negotiated these permanent positions through nationally coordinated collective bargaining in July. In the life-changing shift from precarious to permanent employment, casual workers also joined the union for the first time, enjoying trade union rights and the benefits of the collective agreement. 
Finally! Casual workers get their permanent appointment letters and join the union in Rahim Yar Khan
To celebrate this progress the union at Coca-Cola Faisalabad, which was formed with the support of the IUF-affiliated NFFBTW last year, also passed a resolution to change its union dues from a fixed rate to 1%. This follows the example of the Coca-Cola Karachi union, which increased its financial resources dramatically in 2008 when it moved to 1% membership dues - resources the union then used to organize Coca-Cola workers in Multan, Gujranwala and Faisalabad.
Dozens of banners in the streets of Rahim Yar Khan congratulate the union for winning permanent jobs and thank the IUF
As part of the same bargaining agreement the unions at Gujranwala, Lahore and Faisalabad also secured rights to union facilities, including a subsidy to rent an office for the union. The Coca-Cola Lahore union office opened on 13 August and the next day the union at Coca-Cola Faisalabad opened its office.  
Union officers and members at the new union office in Lahore on 13 August - just one of the union facilities won in nationally coordinated collective bargaining in July 

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