violations of workers rights

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Coca-Cola German Works Council support for the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign

The IUF-Affiliated NGG and General Works Council of Coca-Cola European Partners Germany have lent support to the IUF's "Zero Rights" campaign and denounced The Coca-Cola Company's current human rights failures in a number of countries. The Works Council published a special edition of their newsletter expressing support and collected signatures from members at Coca-Cola and activists all demanding that the company fully respect and guarantee access to human rights throughout Coca-Cola operations worldwide.

Nepal: IUF affiliate supports “Zero Rights” campaign

At the Food and Beverage meeting organized by the IUF in Kathmandu, the Whole Industry Trade Union Nepal (WHIN) poses for a solidarity photo for the IUF’s “Zero Rights” campaign asking TCCC to remedy the growing number of human rights violations within the Coca-Cola System.

Japan: Food Rengo shoulder to shoulder with IUF Coca-Cola affiliates that stand up against rights abuses

The IUF-affiliated Food Rengo members that represent flour mills sector in Japan show their solidarity with the IUF’s “Zero Rights” campaign.

India: AB InBev union in solidarity with IUF affiliates fighting TCCC’s rights abuses

Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union(HBLM) that represents AB InBev workers at Sonepat factory supports IUF affiliates in Indonesia, Ireland, Haiti, the Philippines and the US that fight against rights abuses within the Coca-Cola system. The Coca-Cola Company is failing to remedy the growing number of human rights violations within the Coca-Cola System.

Indonesia: FSBMM and its members at Danone aqua stand with “Zero Rights” campaign

Independent federation of food workers in Indonesia (FSBMM) together with its new member union that represents Danone Aqua workers at Subang factory stand with the IUF’s “Zero Rights” international campaign which targets TCCC’s failure to remedy the ongoing rights violations in five countries.

Stop Coca-Cola abusing human rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the United States!

If you have not had the chance to send a message to The Coca-Cola Company, please CLICK HERE and ask the company to act to remedy the growing number of human rights violations within the Coca-Cola System.

Coca-Cola's recent human rights fouls = five yellow cards

The Coca-Cola Company sponsors "Fair Play" at World Cup 2018 Russia but "Foul Play" at work. Take action now by clicking HERE!

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