Stop casual employment in Coke! Support the Alliance Charter of demands against job destruction!

More and more trade unions in the Coca-Cola system have started to
actively explore and take up the fight against casual employment in
production, sales and distribution of Coca-Cola products.

There might be instances where temporary employment for seasonal peaks or
special tasks is justified. However, in many instances we see that casual
employment is being used for hire-and-fire labour relations that puts
the burden of short-term planning on the shoulders of workers, deprives
them of essential workers rights, and serves to deteriorate terms and
conditions for both regular and casual workers.

As decided at the Global Coke Workers meeting in Oberjosbach, the fight
against casual employment is the first working priority of the Coca-Cola
Global Alliance.

Over the last months, the Alliance Steering Committee has started its work and has intensively discussed joint
demands in order to stop and reverse casualisation and improve terms and
conditions of casual workers in the Coke system.
The Steering Committee now has agreed on a charter of demands, and we call on unions in the Coca-Cola system world wide to
support this charter, include its demands into their negotiations, and
use it in all ways you find effective in order to advance the fight
against the abuse of casual relationships.
The Charter of demands starts with outlining why casual employment is
detrimental to workers and, in the long run, even for business, and
continues with 9 explicit demands for minimum standards that should be
realized in the Coca-Cola system. These demands call for a halt to
further job destruction, a ban on especially abusive forms of casual
employment, protection of casual workers from victimization, tight
definition of the cases when casual employment might be justified and
tolerable, and minimum standards for terms and conditions of non-regular
workers in the Coca-Cola system.
What you can do:

  • Download the charter in the languages you need for work in your country
  • Distribute the text of the charter to Coca-Cola related union bodies
    and rank and file members in your country.
    - Ask the relevant union bodies take a formal decision to support the
  • Include the demands of the Charter most appropriate to your situation
    into bargaining proposals of your organization
  • Inform us about any activity related to the Charter or when the
    Charter was discussed, used, or its demands could be realize. You can send us a mail or discuss your experience in the forum on this website

Stop outsourcing and casualisation at Coke  – support the Charter of
demands now!
global meeting Oberjosbach

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